Arduino Audio Effect with Hardwired “Glitches”

The following video demonstrates the result of trying to run a stutter effect at a much higher samplerate than its sample RAM can accomodate, causing a really strange noisy glitch when the stutter button is engaged. This is a good example of utilizing computer malfunctions/errors or “glitches” to produce new and unusual audio effects.

Coded in Atmega328 C code using an Arduino as a programmer/interface.

Originally the controls were stutter on/off, retrigger, and looplength, but those no longer adequately describe their functions.

DIY Arduino Glitch/Stutter Demo

This one is a basic stutter machine with 3 controls. The knob controls the stutter length and also retriggers when turned. Pushing the right pushbutton engages the stutter and pushing the left one retriggers if already engaged.

This one is coded primarily in AVR C code using the Arduino as a Dev board.

DIY Arduino Bitcrusher/Stutter Machine Demo

Ok CVAudio is back and working on some educational pages about building Electronic Audio Hardware. In the meantime here is a demo of something I’m working on.

In this iteration there are two controls. A switch, to engage/disengage the stutter, and a knob to control the samplerate.

The microcontroller used is an atmega328 coded in mixed C and Arduino.